Fish Inc. Lures

Fish Inc. Lures specialise in the development and manufacture of high quality fishing lures. Improvement and innovation are an integral part of the ethos of Fish Inc. Lures and each product goes through months of designing, refining and testing to ensure the quality of each new product.

Hooked Online is proud to make Fish Inc. Lures products available to Australian anglers and testing by the Tackle Tactics Pro Team quickly demonstrated the effectiveness of these lures on some of Australian favourite sportfish. One Hooker, sinking stickbait, accounted for 50+ fish and was still going strong, even after taking on big GTs, a tribute to the durability of these lures. Fish Inc. Lures come out of the packet fitted with quality, genuine Owner trebles, ready to take on Australia's toughest!

Fish Inc. Lures - It's all about quality.

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